Strong emotions such as love, anger, fear, and joy no longer dictate my behavior. Through the process of recovery I am learning to recognize and acknowledge these feelings. I work to understand what is causing these emotions, and to learn that just because I “feel” these emotions does not mean that I have to act on them. I can release my anger, deal with the issue causing the anger and accept my part in it. I can “turn it over” to my Higher Power, and pray for peace of mind. I have learned that fear is simply the absence of faith, and the bottom line is my Higher Power, is my protector, my ally, my friend and is stronger than any fear I feel. I can pray for faith, and rest assured that God is always present in my life. Joy and love come from others – and I am blessed to have many in my life who bless me with their love, and through that process I come to a place of peace and contentment. I have heard others say that if you don’t like the way you are feeling, just give it a moment, as feelings are constantly changing. Feel them and release them – if particular feelings keep returning to me, that tells me I have some “work” to do in this area. A closer look may be needed. A conversation with another member can help me to clarify any emotional confusion I may be experiencing. What do you to release FEAR from your life?