From Darkness To Light

The “key” to unlock the door to recovery is willingness. I had to get willing to be honest. I had to get willing to be open-minded about that which I had denied in the past. And I had to get willing to be willing – sometimes that was the only thing I prayed for, willingness. For without willingness I could not remove the veil that covered my eyes to the reality of my life, and the reality of my disease. I was ready for change, ready to quit hurting myself and others, and ready to try new ways of living my life, when I reached the tables of Alcoholics Anonymous. Little did I know that my past behaviors could be the guides to new behavior, not only myself, but for others, as well. How I handled problems in recovery lay in the mystery of my past – I needed to behave in the opposite way I had before getting sober. Whereas I denied my disease, I now was grateful for a definition of “what ails me.” Instead of blaming others, I learned to hold myself responsible for me. In place of immorality I now searched for spiritual principles as guides to my behaviors. For every negative there is a positive – my job in recovery was to work on enhancing the positive and getting rid of the negative. I put myself in a state of willingness, and placed my life in God’s good hands. The rest is history ❤


10 thoughts on “From Darkness To Light

  1. I had to be willing to take direction. To be open to new ideas. To be honest enough to admit I didn’t have all the answers. The hardest for me was to be willing too ask for and accept help.

  2. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    Ah I get it, just when I feel like I am in the doldrums again God steps in just like he wasn’t already there and gives me something quite meaningful to do, something which perhaps, no likely will in some way contribute towards advancing his kingdom and in so doing light up my spirit.

    Just yesterday I was complaining that I couldn’t find the spark, the spark that would light me up and before the day was very far gone several people complimented and encouraged me in one way or another and expressed a desire for me to do something for them. (Was it doing something for God?)
    God only knows but I’ve got a pretty good idea.

    So I look forward with anticipation.
    So I look forward with hope.
    So I look forward with optimism.

    Faith, hope and love are new songs which I hope to hear reverberating like an earworm.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  3. Call it “spark”, call it ” the willingness to be willing”.
    Call it “the gift of desperation” or “surrender”.
    I believe it is the divine dwelling within me, expressing its fierce desire to join with the divine without in perfect union with All That Is.
    My part is to simply to step aside and let natural alignment of Mind, Body, Spirit happen.
    How to do that?
    “Trust God, clean house and help another” has proven pretty effective.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Thank you all for your posts….asking for prayer this am as I am off to say goodbye to a Sister in Recovery. She’s amazing. She’s over 80 and ready. Lived full. I’m blessed she came into my life and never gave up on me. Always made me feel welcome! Today I know I will be ok, because of women like her, and those of you that have come to be my buddies!! Have an amazing day!! GRATEFUL!!!

  5. Good morning my brothers/sisters,
    When I walk in the light of Divine Mercy, I share in His spirit of love and forgiveness. Then I can see, feel, hear, and smell His plan for me. It’s His light that exposes darkness/dangers. When I discard His direction(s), I’m turning my back on His purpose for my life. I’m rejecting His goodness that He has planned for me. It’s my resistance to change that destroys His light. Life is most golden when I’m following/obeying His plan. God owns everything, but my love. He desires a relationship with me today; right now.
    Today I can lay it all down. Today, I can let go all my responsibilities or I can hold on to them…
    It’s a good day to enjoy this day.

  6. We must be entirely honest with somebody if we expect to live long or happily in this world.

    I read this exerpt this morning, and I thought not only do I need to be honest with somebody, that I interpret everyone, but I need to also be honest with myself. Lately I reflect on my honesty with people each day. I can tell you that I know I need more work on that each day. Grateful to read words of wisdom. Thank you this 24!

  7. Prayers Bonnie. Life is good, hard but good. Plenty of challenges today. May I be of some use to him today..

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