AA For All

When I came to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I knew that it would require a faith that I had yet to find, but find it I did! I have met others in the Program who also attend other meetings, outside of A.A. I believe that it takes whatever it takes, one addiction can affect another. I work towards the “higher path” in all areas of my life – some I do better than others, and some I really struggle with. That’s life. I am grateful for the Program, as it lead me to my Higher Power, and away from the insanity that defined my life. God works in all areas of my life – I am free to choose, of course, and I accept God’s guidance when it comes to any of my “misbehaviors.” It’s amazing how many other “problems” healed when I found recovery from alcohol. Has anyone else found this to be true?


5 thoughts on “AA For All

  1. Ah I get it, just when I feel like I am in the doldrums again God steps in just like he wasn’t already there and gives me something quite meaningful to do, something which perhaps, no likely will in some way contribute towards advancing his kingdom and in so doing light up my spirit.

    Just yesterday I was complaining that I couldn’t find the spark, the spark that would light me up and before the day was very far gone several people complimented and encouraged me in one way or another and expressed a desire for me to do something for them. (Was it doing something for God?)
    God only knows but I’ve got a pretty good idea.

    So I look forward with anticipation.
    So I look forward with hope.
    So I look forward with optimism.

    Faith, hope and love are new songs which I hope to hear reverberating like an earworm.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Top of the morning family,
    Our survival isn’t just about meeting our physyical, emotional, or spiritual needs. It’s about accomplishing His purpose in our lives. We weren’t born just to exist and/or self’s version of good enough. Each of us were created for His destiny, Hope is accomplished when we focus on His strength. His plan requires that we surrender to His will every day.
    I can’t make it today without You. I need you.

    It’s a good day to smile.

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