An Anonymous Gift (Hope all the Moms had a Happy Mother’s Day!)

I love the idea of anonymous acts of kindness, which can be a wide variety of things. Sometimes it’s simply giving up a parking space for another. Dropping an extra $20 into the Fellowship basket. I don’t give to make me feel better, but that is the way it turns out, most of the time. Giving anonymously means not only giving without the knowledge of the person I gave to, but it also means not telling others about this act. Not taking credit for the action. It really helps to build up my self image – I feel good when I do good. I don’t always need a pat on the back, sometimes just knowing that I have done what I could to help another is enough for me. Humility is at work here, and I can always use a larger dose of that – God knows I need it. I am still learning to treat myself, occasionally, and the better I treat me, the better I will treat others.


3 thoughts on “An Anonymous Gift (Hope all the Moms had a Happy Mother’s Day!)

  1. Thought for the Day

    We alcoholics used so little self control when we were drinking; we were so absolutely selfish, that it does us good to give up something once in a while. Using self-discipline and denying ourselves a few things is good for us. At first, giving up liquor is a big enough job for all of us, even with God’s help. But later on, we can practice self-discipline in other ways to keep a firm grip on our minds so that we don’t start any wishful thinking. If we daydream too much, we’ll be in danger of slipping. Am I practicing enough self-discipline?– 24 hours a day
    My sponsor said, “You have to give it away to keep it”.
    My Master said, “as you give, so shall you receive”.
    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. What flippin’ miracles we are!
    From self-centred, delusional, fear riven and physically addicted forlorn souls in denial transforming into loving, aware, peace filled, healthy humans in fellowship with our true selves, each other and the universe, for today.
    How does this happen?
    By knowing our absolute powerlessness and then, we who have nothing, giving to others.
    You have taught me so much, yet I know so little.
    More will be revealed.
    Grateful for the Gift

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