I can look back and see where I took responsibility for the actions of others. If someone came to me for a suggestion, I would accept the responsibility for either the failure or success . It gave me something to do when I wasn’t busy minding my own business. It always seemed easier to focus on the problems of others, rather than my own problems. If someone near me was unhappy, I was sure I had done something to cause it. If someone was happy, I was also sure that it was the result of my actions. I used to beat myself up pretty bad for the behavior of those around me. If I was in a bad mood, everyone would suffer. Then after much prayer and a suggestion, I realized that my bad mood was mine alone, and that I really had little effect on others. I touch the end of my nose to remind me that the business of others is not mine. This is particularly true when I visit my daughter’s house – it is not up to me how others live their lives. Other people have the right to their own habits, attitudes and behaviors – and they don’t always have to match mine. In the Program we have the slogan of “Live and Let Live” and I try to practice that with others. Property lines are important in any relationship I have, and I find that my relationships improve when I remember what’s mine is mine. If asked, I will relate my experience with the topic, but what you do with that information is up to you.