The sobriety of AA’s members underscores both the Steps and the Principles. It works – and I know this because of my own experience in the Program, and because I can see and hear the Program at work in the lives of others – anywhere I go. I don’t have to “sell” A.A., it “sells” itself. I am at a point in my life where I readily admit to my participation in the Program. People can either accept that fact about me – or not, but I will not deny nor negate my recovery. We, as a group, have come so far since the inception of the Program. We have come from two guys (Bill and Dr. Bob) talking, to thousands of meetings held daily. From denial of a killing disease, to an acceptance of the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous at work in the lives of millions. It’s not a matter of who we are, but what we are. No one person stands above others – we are all equal. The Spiritual Principles teach me about anonymity – after all I am simply “Bonnie, alcoholic.” There are no big shots in A.A., now that’s a miracle all by itself, when I look at all the “personalities” around the tables. We are equal, we are blessed!!