It Works

The sobriety of AA’s members underscores both the Steps and the Principles. It works – and I know this because of my own experience in the Program, and because I can see and hear the Program at work in the lives of others – anywhere I go. I don’t have to “sell” A.A., it “sells” itself. I am at a point in my life where I readily admit to my participation in the Program. People can either accept that fact about me – or not, but I will not deny nor negate my recovery. We, as a group, have come so far since the inception of the Program. We have come from two guys (Bill and Dr. Bob) talking, to thousands of meetings held daily. From denial of a killing disease, to an acceptance of the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous at work in the lives of millions. It’s not a matter of who we are, but what we are. No one person stands above others – we are all equal. The Spiritual Principles teach me about anonymity – after all I am simply “Bonnie, alcoholic.” There are no big shots in A.A., now that’s a miracle all by itself, when I look at all the “personalities” around the tables. We are equal, we are blessed!!


7 thoughts on “It Works

  1. I was going to reflect this morning on piques’, you know those things that just irritate the crap out of us but on my journey from there to here I came across something that was extremely interesting and superbly entertaining and something I have been enthralled with ever since I was in college nearly 70 years ago and first was introduced to a relatively new device called an electron microscope.

    So more about piques’ later.

    One of my dear friends on the Internet mentioned a short video she had just watched which led me to watch it also. TED Conference 2015, Vancouver; “Mysteries of the Unseen World.

    So the big question as always is something like this; do you want to take several minutes to greatly enlarge your life?

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

    • Grapevine Quote

      May 17
      “I need to remember how humiliated, confused, insecure and frightened I felt at my first meeting, and compare that to how I feel today.”
      Poughkeepsie, N.Y., July 2011
      “Know Thyself!”
      AA Grapevine

  2. I have no sound as of yet, wah. Things are going well. My new job has a profound effect on my service to AA however I’m trying to serve. Love and miss you all!

  3. This wee band of seekers…each uniquely the same as each other.
    Much has been given us, may we provide in turn.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. It works!
    Divine Mercy knows exactly what He’s doing.
    He wants a relationship.
    He wants to change us.
    Self will often focus on what I want God to do in and around my life.
    – If He would just change this or just fix that, then my life will be rocking the casbah.
    My cycling coach’s guidance towards my racing schedule: If your goals don’t scare you, there not big enough.

    Divine Mercy desires me to think and ask bigger…..
    It’s a good day to have purpose in life.

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