The Power Of Faith

Fear happens in an instant, but I do not have to give it a place to dwell. I can dispel my feelings of fear by praying, and reaching out to others, by reminding myself that fear is a temporary response to a threat of some sort. I do not invite fear to stay. I recognize it for what it is – a lack of faith in my Higher Power. Once I turn to the God of my understanding, fear lessens immediately. I am reminded that I no longer have to allow fear to rule my world, I am capable of change, I am capable of meeting life’s challenges today. I do not have to resort to fear, dread, negative anticipation, or any of the other “dark” responses to my feelings. I can and do know that FAITH will get me to the other side of fear. I used to fear that others would find out the truth about my life – and reject me. I used to fear that my addiction to alcohol would consume me, and I would not survive. I used to fear that my lack of faith would bring down the wrath of God upon me. None of these things happened. My fears were found to be groundless. Others know me, the real me, and still love me. Recovery has intervened and I live a life free of alcohol. I have found a faith in a God of my understanding, deep within me, that is strong and lights the way to a life of happiness, joy and freedom.

Photo courtesy of Maggs!
Photo courtesy of Maggs!

3 thoughts on “The Power Of Faith

  1. 20
    Above all, take it one day at a time.
    — AS BILL SEES IT, p. 11
    Why do I kid myself that I must stay away from a drink for only one day, when I know perfectly well I must never drink again as long as I live? I am not kidding myself because one day at a time is probably the only way I can reach the long-range objective of staying sober.
    If I determine that I shall never drink again as long as I live, I set myself up. How can I be sure I won’t drink when I have no idea what the future may hold?
    On a day-at-a-time basis, I am confident I can stay away from a drink for one day. So I set out with confidence. At the end of the day, I have the reward of achievement. Achievement feels good and that makes me want more!

    I love the pleasure/Rewards method of learning, don’t you?

    Problem is I had it really screwed up and gave no consideration to getting into and out of jail!

    Speak of the devil of denial!

    I lived it!

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. I have been instructed embrace the sensation of fear, to lean into” the feeling, to grab hold of it. By confronting the feeling, and then proceeding, fully aware, through it, I regain mastery of the moment and am able to deal with the root cause.
    On a good day.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Top of the mid-morning family,
    My prayers are you Tree. Stay close and warm.
    Golden reflections on God’s power.
    Love hearing the resonance’s on what God has done in our lives and those of others around me. Divine Mercy uses the weakest to get His word out…
    The more light, the more of His awareness.

    Heard top notch methodology regarding faith and belief:
    It’s right up there with Joes/Charlie’s auto mechanic rational on faith and belief.
    I can say that I believe a plane can take me from here to there. But if I’m afraid to get on it, I reveal that I have no faith in that plane. Moreover, if I don’t get on the plane I have no reason to expect it to take me anywhere. I must exercise my faith in that plane; by boarding it, I will receive the benefits it offers.

    It a good day to have a good day.

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