The Twelve Steps are not complicated ideas and they are written in simple terms. Some are better understood with some explanation, but even that is very straightforward. Yet, reading and understanding are not the same as implementing and experiencing. Living the Steps requires a leap of faith, a commitment to progress, and patience with the pace of results. It requires genuine humility and a willingness to let go of beliefs that have been closely held for years. The recovering alcoholic must remain teachable the rest of his life if he desires to maintain sobriety. His education will come from many different directions and will sometimes be painful. And to keep our sobriety we need to set aside our own convenience and leisure. Instead of basking in the vastly improved life that we have received through AA, we are called upon to share the goodness with others, to pass along what we have learned. A life of continual diligence, careful watchfulness, accurate self-appraisal, repeated vulnerability and rigorous honesty is not easy. Cleaning house, trusting a power greater than myself and helping others are simple concepts. Somewhere between simple and not easy is the road I will trudge.