Choices And Changes

I always seem to end up in a corner, emotionally, where it’s one way or another. This has been a pattern in my life. It feels like I have to choose between one life style or another. This “all or nothing” attitude causes me great stress. I know I’m not the only one with family issues, some members of A.A. have to break ties with close relationships, and some are fortunate enough to re-establish close relationships with family members. Perhaps my expectations have been too great, perhaps I want more emotionally than is available to me – whatever the case, I am searching for some answers. My life style has changed in the process of getting sober, I am not the same person I was before. But those who were closest to me (family) are now more like the “old” me, instead of the “new” me. Just for today I will turn my life and my emotions over to the God of my understanding. Just for today I will allow myself some time for self-examination. Just for today I will place this problem in the hands of my Higher Power. Just for today.


7 thoughts on “Choices And Changes

  1. Grapevine Quote

    May 27
    “In the Twelve Steps, AA offers not a theory, not a hypothesis, not a pious hope, not — thank God — wistful or wishful thinking, but an historical record of how more than 25,000 [now over 2,000,000] alcoholics achieved sobriety.”
    Chicago, Ill., July 1946
    “A Way of Life”
    AA Grapevine
    the state of being sober.
    synonyms: soberness, clearheadedness; More
    the quality of being staid or solemn.
    synonyms: seriousness, solemnity, gravity, gravitas, dignity, levelheadedness, common sense, pragmatism, practicality, self-control, self-restraint, conservatism

    I love the synonym; DIGNITY Ours is a program of attraction not promotion.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. My experience has been that first I change and then “they” change, maybe, someday, in some ways.
    The BB notes “…ten or twenty years of drunkenness would make a skeptic out of anyone.”
    Nonetheless nothing that “they” do makes me drink or behave in a non sober manner. Our literature is blunt and explicit on this matter.
    And when we are troubled and tempted, we are instructed that nothing ensures sobriety like working with another alcoholic. Together we can do what we can’t do alone.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Grateful that I have more choices now. Grateful for this 24. Like many people, I may not comment often, but I read the reflections everyday.

  4. Top of the TGIF, (today God is first) morning family,
    My choices have consequences?!
    I remember my Father telling me in high school, the choices you make today will affect you 20 years from now. My choices then got me a chair and a coin today.
    Today I really have only two choices in this life. Either living in Divine Mercy’s wisdom or relying on self’s perception of reality.
    I’m not what I did: I’m what I do.

    Today is a good day for just for today day.

  5. good one Clay,
    need to keep the KISS philosophy, (Keep It Simply Sober)

    it is all about me, myself and I,
    me and myself get along just fine,
    the trouble starts when I show up.

    I’m not much, but I’m all I think about.

  6. Really appreciate the shares today and, for some reason (euphoric recall?), Memorial Day weekend brings back memories of drinking. But I have to remember the past and the misery–grateful to be sober today and thanks again!

  7. 27
    Day by day, we try to move a little toward God’s perfection. So we need not be consumed by maudlin guilt. . . .
    — AS BILL SEES IT, p. 15
    When I first discovered that there is not a single “don’t” in the Twelve Steps of A.A., I was disturbed because this discovery swung open a giant portal. Only then was I able to realize what A.A. is for me: not a program of “don’ts,” but of “do’s.”
    A.A. is not martial law; it is freedom.
    A.A. is not tears over defects, but sweat over fixing them.
    A.A. is not penitence; it is salvation

    I especially like that aa is not all about penitence, but we get to get off the merry go round of drinkING and for me making poor decisions. As far as family goes, I have to accept them, not expect them to help me. The words are there, I sometime have trouble not accepting them. Thank you all. Great wisdom words of wisdom for me today. Yea!!!

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