Through the Program of A.A. I was introduced to my Higher Power, I choose to call mine God. Acceptance of the spiritual in the Program is essential to my recovery. I am no longer fighting this battle alone, I now have a power greater than me and greater than my disease. Part of that process is carrying the message to those that are still suffering. I have gained some knowledge about spiritual principles, what they are and how to put them into practice in my life. One of those principles is service – to fellow alcoholics, to the A.A. Program, to all those yet to come through the doors of A.A. We are all given the opportunity to be of service in a variety of ways, from pouring coffee to sponsoring, to supporting General Service, financially. Being of service to others helps to keep the doors to the Program open. Service is just one of three Legacy’s our Program is founded on, the other two are Recovery and Unity. Our lessons continue.