There are those who do not like the idea of a newcomer attending a meeting, if they have been drinking. If it is their desire to attend a meeting and they do not disrupt the meeting in any way, I do not have a problem with them in a meeting. Not all of us arrive at the tables in excellent shape, and it’s good for us to remember our early days when we are “working” with a newcomer. Kindness, patience, and tolerance are but a few of the spiritual principles at play here. I do not adhere to the “tough love” approach to sponsoring – but the good news is that we each have the right to sponsor as we deem appropriate, and we each have the right to work our Program, as we see fit. There is no right or wrong way to travel the road to a “happy destiny.” We each have been given the gift of choice, and as it is with our primary purpose, the message of sobriety is one that continues to bless all who seek recovery.