Wisdom has little to do with our mental ability.  With our Higher Power alongside us, we can achieve anything, even long-term recovery ONE DAT AT A TIME.  In our Serenity Prayer, we ask God for wisdom and patience.  It will come, as a result of treating our Program, the meetings, and the message as precious things that really matter.  Wisdom comes to ordinary people like ourselves who try to live the program ONE DAY AT A TIME, not overnight, but as the accumulation of many 24 hours.  Wisdom comes with practice, the practice of living a new way of life, a spiritual life resulting from our 12 Step Program.

Maggs 6 yrs chip
Maggs 6 yrs chip

5 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. Congratulations Maggie, good for you and thank you so much for your words of wisdom. A real poster girl for aa. Congratulations again

  2. Ha! A poster girl!!!!! Finally! Do you want “cheesecake” or reality?!!
    A 62 year young woman who’s been testing this way of life since I was 32! These last six years have been ones where the testing is over. By the grace of my hp, I got sober before Fordy was diagnosed with fatal cancer, all three of my girls were married and I became a “Mimi”! Had I been drinking, I would not have been “present” for any of these!
    And although I’ve recovered from the physical damage very well, it’s the emotional damage that I’ve learned the most from. My continuous work, my second nature now, with the 12 steps, continues to take me deeper, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am very happy when I look in the mirror. But it has to be, for me, one day at a time.
    Thx Kt!

  3. Thanks Maggie and congrats again.
    I’ve been around for a good while now
    but wisdom and humility are not coming my way yet.
    At least not much.
    It obviously doesn’t come naturally.

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