I Have Decided

I have come to understand that I have no power over the  feelings of others.  Nor do I have any power when it comes to my immediate reaction to suggestions – but today I know that I don’t have to take any action with reference to my feelings – they are just feelings.  When I can place both my feelings and the feelings of others aside, I am thereby able to make better choices for me.  And I am not alone, when I include the God of my understanding, I am more likely to trust in both my decisions and His “nudges.”  Talking with others, and listening at meetings are other resources I can claim when faced with a decision.  One other “tool” I use when faced with choices is to take time, time to understand, time to find the connection between the choice and my life, and time to ensure that the decision is based on reality.  That both my feet are firmly planted on a firm bedrock of trust and recovery in the Program.  Whatever decision or choice I need to make, I know that today I have many resources available to me.


4 thoughts on “I Have Decided

  1. I’m beginning to get it.

    There is a program in the church that I am most familiar with for Christian education with the attempt to entice the neophyte into a spiritual journey and there are many ancillaries here and there which will accomplish this goal once the Pilgrim makes a decision to enter in.

    As I see it, it centers on the Great Seasons of a spiritual journey and is circumscribed in the church calendar and follows the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ and it tells a story which is really every man’s story.

    This idea is also played out in the story of God’s children coming into existence, being taken into captivity, finding the doorway to freedom and finally arriving on the threshold of the Promised Land.
    Isn’t this also every man’s story?

    So is every man’s story essentially the same with only variances in the fine details?

    And is the final solution to be found in relationship with a Higher Power?

    I finally get it!

    I find it in the diligent practice of 12 steps.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. So much I thought I knew, how little it turned out I did.
    So little I now know that I do know.
    But “more is revealed” and taken on board as I become ready and able to receive.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. We feel safe around direct, honest people. They speak their minds, and we know where we stand with them.
    I had a good meeting last eve with my home group. It is a step study. We read out of the bb and we read about step 3. How great it is that so few people before us we’re able to verbally communicate a plan to help so many to have a reprieve ftom self destruction of alcohol.

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