God Help Me!

Time – it just takes time to understand, to accept, to believe and to build a solid foundation of recovery. I used to believe that I had to be the one with the power, that if I just had enough “guts” I could control my drinking. My addiction to alcohol had little to nothing to do with my will power. I have come to understand the true nature of this “killer” disease. It is a spiritual malady, one that misguided me for years and years. I blamed everyone and everything for my problem, never accepting my part in my disease. Through working the Steps, and being an active member of A.A., I have come to believe that the solution lies within me, not outside of me. Having accepted the fact of my defects of character, I then worked at becoming ready to give up those behaviors which harmed both myself and others. I stopped lying, cheating and being a thief – to begin with, followed by coming to know the true meaning of humility and honesty. I quit lying to myself and others.


4 thoughts on “God Help Me!

  1. This works for me: “God help me to help you to help me”.
    Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. we lost another a couple days ago in which many of us worked with. He was a good man who didnt wanna die as told second hand by his mother. She said he broke his neck and the last time i talked to him in February he called me a couple days after recovering a bit from a stint where he said i didnt wanna wake up on the floor naked with bruises, bumps on my head and blood in the tub. Another friend called me last week to talk to me about him after picking him up on the side of the highway drunk as a skunk trying to walk somewhere. my deceased friend was a brilliant mechanic able to do transmissions and newer models yet couldn’t keep a job and burned through all the opportunity’s around here for the most part yet I’m sure if he could’ve stayed sober many shops would’ve wanted him. Services are on the14th, prayers!
    Today i get to help host a couple hundred recovering alcoholics at an inter area meeting then go to work at my rather new job at the community center. I like this job cause i get to work with older folks who need attention and younger men too. Some of which are from broken homes and have no where else to go. sheesh. Yep, God help me to help them to help me!

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