Time – it just takes time to understand, to accept, to believe and to build a solid foundation of recovery. I used to believe that I had to be the one with the power, that if I just had enough “guts” I could control my drinking. My addiction to alcohol had little to nothing to do with my will power. I have come to understand the true nature of this “killer” disease. It is a spiritual malady, one that misguided me for years and years. I blamed everyone and everything for my problem, never accepting my part in my disease. Through working the Steps, and being an active member of A.A., I have come to believe that the solution lies within me, not outside of me. Having accepted the fact of my defects of character, I then worked at becoming ready to give up those behaviors which harmed both myself and others. I stopped lying, cheating and being a thief – to begin with, followed by coming to know the true meaning of humility and honesty. I quit lying to myself and others.