Quote is from “Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much” “Awareness of Process”
He was teaching me something about flow, about choosing the right moment for everything, about enjoying the present.
– Robyn Davidson
Sometimes our teachers appear in the most unlikely forms. Robyn Davidson is speaking about an old Aborigine who traveled with her for a while. Although their cultures were vastly different, he taught her some elemental wisdom that needed to be acknowledged and experienced in her culture.
We all need to know about flow. Nothing gets done at once even when we demand it. Work and living flow in a series of nonlinear events. (A definition: linear – a straight line.)
Timing is also very important. We cannot correct and edit a report until it is written. When our boss is having a bad day, it is not a good idea to bring up an interpersonal problem that happened last week. We cannot control another’s reactions by choosing “the right moment,” and we can choose the time that is best for us. And we always have the choice to stop and enjoy the present.
When I stay in my present, I have the opportunity to experience the flow of my life.
Just Good Enough