No matter how much sobriety I have under my belt, I have to remain ever vigilant about practicing the principles of AA in all my affairs. When the going gets rough, meaning life on life’s terms becomes a harder bargain, I need to double up on meetings and fellowship to fortify myself for the challenge. When the going gets easy and life seems to be offering a 2-for-1 sale, I need to make sure I don’t start coasting. Skipping meetings, ignoring newcomers, flaking on commitments, neglecting daily routines of spiritual maintenance, leaving amends unmade, distorting the truth, manipulating circumstances to allay my fears, nursing resentments, assigning blame, and taking personal credit for achieving sobriety and all it’s fringe benefits- these are the signs of my feet skidding down the path, my solid ground giving way. Below lies a deep gorge into which I could once again fall. Time to get a grip, turn around, trudge back up to the happy road I have worked so hard to find.