Healing Old Wounds

Today, I work towards behaviors that reflect the spiritual principles of the Program. I care about the affect my behavior and words have on others. I care about the feelings of others, be they family or friend. I care about how I serve as an example of sobriety to others, even after relapse. Repairing the destruction of my drinking is a lifelong endeavor, one that I will continue to work on, day by day. When I attempted to “work” Step Nine, and make my amends to others, I found so many more lives I had touched with my drinking than I ever thought before. It uncovered many character defects, not to mention my shortcomings. It was a strong message about the extent of my disease on those around me. There were many more names on my list of people I owed amends to than I ever thought. It was an awakening for me, and an awakening of the part I have played in my life. I pray that I will continue to “live” my amends to all those I love and care for, in both deed and word. I pray that understanding of the hurt I caused will grow, and with it will come new knowledge of how to truly love others, and how to make healing amends for my misguided behavior.


19 thoughts on “Healing Old Wounds

  1. For those we know and those we do not know still standing in a corner. Silent. In pain. In search of.
    Be human and be kind today maybe a smile will save someone.
    _____________________________________smiles from the desert.

  2. “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any time”. – From many sources including Jane B.

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper.

    • PS
      It is a design for living that works in rough going.
      When I came to A.A., I realized that A.A. worked wonderfully to help keep me sober. But could it work on real life problems, not concerned with drinking? I had my doubts. After being sober for more than two years I got my answer. I lost my job, developed physical problems, my diabetic father lost a leg, and someone I loved left me for another — and all of this happened during a two-week period. Reality crashed in, yet A.A. was there to support, comfort, and strengthen me. The principles I had learned during my early days of sobriety became a mainstay of my life, for not only did I come through, but I never stopped being able to help newcomers. A.A. taught me not to be overwhelmed, but rather to accept and understand my life as it unfolded.

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  3. “More will be revealed” came true during my ninth step amends. Healing my relationships healed others and healed me.

  4. Some rather big changes have happened in my life lately yet some how I’ve stayed connected to a large number of recovering alcoholics, even with a rather erratic work schedule. I will not quit trying to give back what has been given so freely to me and good to read my ole friends. God Bless!

  5. Thank you this 24 readers and participants for being part of my sobriety. I was able to receive my 27 year coin last eve at my home group. I reflected on my good days and bad days in recovery. There were days when I considered myself not in recovery. Those were the dry days. Very difficult. Today is better, thanks to my hp God I am not so desperate, anxious, and basically a wreck. I can make amends without thinking if they had been in my shoes they may have reacted the same way. Grateful to be an alcoholic in recovery. Again thank you each of you for adding words that helped me in this process. Kt

  6. Lovely to witness! congratulations on 27.
    So much to be prayerful for…
    The world is so ready for the love we have to offer; it yearns for it.
    It is God’s Will, and we see and show it to be so among our fellows daily.
    Kindness…a terrific approach while I wait to hear more…
    Grateful for the Gift

      • In our lives we suffer because we follow the wrong voice. We did our will, not Thy will be done. We can’t blame God for our mistakes, but what we can say is God brings us through it and builds us stronger and smarter in the process.
        10% of AA silver / Helen
        peace through His mercy

  7. Top of the mid-day morning morning,
    When I start forgiving myself and others, I give up hope for a better past.
    When I stop thinking, (I got this, I can handle that, I’m on it) Divine Mercy starts working in my life. What I must do is get out of His way.
    Whew, one less thing to worry about.

    It’s a good day to have a good day.

  8. Kt, Well done! When we are in fit spiritual condition, we can handle much.
    Congrats and thank you for being a part of my recovery!

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