Meditation and prayer help me deal with my anger, especially when I ask God to remove my anger. I try to understand what pushed my buttons, and why I reacted the way I did. Most of the time I am not cursed with anger, most of the time I feel good. Anger is part of H.A.L.T., and to that end when anger overcomes me I know to stop when it strikes. Much of my anger is ego-oriented; someone has hurt my feelings, someone has called me a bad name, something happened that tells me that my pride has taken a hit. Whatever the reason for the anger, the truth of the matter is that my anger can be hurtful to not only myself but to those I love. Through the recovery process I have given up a lot of my anger and have found a peace within that I never knew existed. I am grateful for this change in my life, and the changes in my behavior towards others, and myself. Thanks to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.