Awareness of just who I am, and what that entails is an ongoing process, one that continues to this very day. Age is just a number, today I believe that I will never stop learning about me; who I am, what I am and where I am. Today my mind is clear enough to grasp the idea of a Power greater than my disease, but that isn’t always the case. Today, I know that spiritual acceptance was what I needed to “fill the hole.” Once I accepted that I have a God in my life I began to see the path I needed to take, the path to contentment, awareness, acceptance, willingness, and love of others – and myself. I never knew that the joy of giving would bring me so much happiness, serenity and would be the one thing that fills that terrible emptiness. Today has been one of the roughest days so far because of family, but I can honestly say that I have stopped looking for an external fix for an internal problem.