I have experienced an “emptiness” inside me, many, many times. I tried filling it up with all sorts of drugs and alcohol (another drug). I have tried to convince myself that if I just had the right partner in life, I would find the answers to all my questions about being happy. I longed to find “myself” and did not even know that was my problem. I was lost in a sea of misery, and working hard to escape those feelings of being out of touch with myself, by drinking and. This search for “outside” help went on for years, and years. It was only when I finally came to the Program that I began to understand that I had the “solution” within me all along. I firmly believed that it was a matter of finding the right combination of life affirming experiences and a God of my understanding. If you all could say a few extra prayers my way, that would be awesome!! As always-THANK YOU!