I can focus on fear or I can focus on faith. Being a member of A.A. I have learned that most of my fears are groundless, and simply require an acceptance of faith in God. Eliminating my fears through working the Program is one solution that I strive towards. Being around other alcoholics helps me to bring my fears into perspective. If I have a fear of drinking, I use all the tools available to me through the Twelve Steps. If I have a fear of dyeing, I talk with others, I pray, I write about it, or I simply come to terms with the fact that we are all born to die, eventually. It is simply part of the living process. Fear is the absence of faith, and faith is the acceptance of a power greater than anyone or anything. In the Program, I have been blessed to have found my Higher Power. That “power” is stronger than my addiction, stronger than my greatest fears, and stronger than any perceived threat I may feel. My fight with fear begins with two words “Dear God.” My power over fear ends with two words “Thanks, God!”