After first hearing “A Vision for You” read aloud in a meeting, I wondered why people in AA were so happy about “trudging” toward destiny. For me, the word “trudging,” always evokes a sense of dragging myself up a hill in lead boots. And one of the aspects of living that I find so tiresome is the constant “drudgery” that I face. Everything from dishes to laundry to groceries to filling out forms, calling for appointments, scheduling and rescheduling. The only difference between complaining about these things and just doing them with a sense of acceptance, is my attitude. To many people around the world, my burdens are their basic goals – to have food, to have shelter, healthcare even if it’s medical/medicare, transportation. It helps sometimes to apply “mindfulness” to the dailiness of life. I am more at peace taking care of life’s little businesses if I do them mindfully, rather than trying to do a few other things at the same time, or fretting about the other things that must be done after this one is finished. Being sober is about peacefully and contentedly living life, the trudging as well as the skipping, the mundane as well as the glorious. Seeing it all as part of the privilege of being alive and being useful in this world. Still learning…..