I have a friend in the Program who says that his recovery is a gift from God, and what he does with that recovery is his gift to God. I always like hearing that, first it reminds me that recovery is a gift, secondly, it tells me that with recovery comes responsibility. If I am to be sober I need to do the “work” that is described in the Twelve Steps. I need to learn to live in the present, and I need to find the God of my understanding, and I need to abstain from alcohol, in all it’s forms. Life in sobriety is not always great, there are times of trouble, challenges and temptations; but if I persevere I will remain sober and mostly sane. I have learned that my past is not a predictor of my future. Just because my life has been a little left of insane, does not mean that it has to remain so. Change is always possible when I am open to it.