Finding Peace

All my life I have searched for something to take away my chronic fear and anger, to quiet the nagging voices in my head, to make me believe that everything would turn out alright. Alcohol and its cousins were the only things that worked, but they worked by turning the lights off rather than just dimming them, and eventually they did not work at all. In AA I have discovered a system of beliefs and actions, that if studied and practiced regularly and continually, will keep the fear, anger, voices and doubts at bay. This happens not by chance, but by honest examination, openness, and willingness to be guided by an invisible brilliance and the remarkable insight of the commonly afflicted. This odd and unexpected solution has remedied nearly every problem I have ever had and has pointed me in the right direction to resolve the rest. “We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.”


7 thoughts on “Finding Peace

  1. June 24
    We are only operating a spiritual kindergarten in which people are enabled to get over drinking and find the grace to go on living to better effect.
    — AS BILL SEES IT, p. 95
    When I came to A.A., I was run down by the bottle and wanted to lose the obsession to drink, but I didn’t really know how to do that. I decided to stick around long enough to find out from the ones who went before me. All of a sudden I was thinking about God! I was told to get a Higher Power and I had no idea what one looked like. I found out there are many Higher Powers. I was told to find God, as I understand Him, that there was no doctrine of the Godhead in A.A. I found what worked for me and then asked that Power to restore me to sanity. The obsession to drink was removed and – one day at a time – my life went on, and I learned how to live sober.

    How do we heal?

    It’s we, we, we, we …………..

    PS if anyone is offended by the references to churches and especially to Jesus please refer to the big book where it says, “Pay attention to what religious people have to say, they have much to offer”.– I think it’s on page 87.

    And Noel B. as well as others said,”Everything I need to know is in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous”.

    Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. “Be quick to see where religious people are right. Make use of what they offer.”
    So, a suggestion and a hint, but certainly not a mandate.
    And no indication as to any particular “sect, denomination or creed”; it’s all here from Atheism to Zoroastrianism, all within the context of a loving, accepting and tolerant fellowship.
    For me , the most fundamental and profound truth is the constant need to remember who God is not- He is no longer me, my ego, my unchecked desires, my self centred self.
    As I came out of self, I came into love.
    Whatever my God is or is not,they were smiling…if God does such things…
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. peace for me comes as I let go the old ideas and attitudes, the serenity I find is is inversely proportional to my emotions at the time.

    more emotions = less serenity.

    “If we were to live, we had to be free of anger. The grouch and the brainstorm were not for us. They may be the dubious luxury of normal men, but for alcoholics these things are poison” (pg 66)

  4. Top of the morning family,
    “Henrietta Seiberling added the religious dimension that both Dr. Bob and Wilson resisted initially. The two thought that this might turn the alcoholics away. To which, Seiberling replied,“Well, we’re not out to please the alcoholics. They have been pleasing themselves all these years. We are out to please God. And if you don’t talk about what God does and your faith, and your guidance, then might as well be the Rotary Club or something like that. Because God is your only source of Power.”

    Religious or spiritual design for living, I choose a relationship. That’s all He desires. As Dr. Bob wrote: Your Heavenly Father will never let you down. God desires me to think and ask bigger; to live every day in His purpose/His peace. Only Divine Mercy can reconcile my brokenness with His patience, His kindness. His design for humanity is truth in perfection.

    Its a good day to have a golden day.

  5. The tone of this blog is not always inclusive. There are times when the piety of some of us gets a little too narrow. AA saved my life, but I am one of a growing group of members who subscribe to a secular sobriety.There are secular groups popping up all over the world. There should be a very wide path for all of us to belong. One of the wisest things I ever heard in a meeting: “Every one should do a thorough and intense search for a higher power. Then when you find it, you should never talk about it on the group level.”
    Bill W. kept writing until his death. He refined and added things. I personally use whatever I can find that resonates and keeps me thinking. Not just the holy writ of the first 164 pages.
    Bill later wrote:
    In AA’s first years I all but ruined the whole undertaking… God as I understood Him had to be for everybody. Sometimes my aggression was subtle and sometimes it was crude. But either way it was damaging – perhaps fatally so – to numbers of non-believers.

    Bill Wilson, Grapevine Article, “The Dilemma of No Faith”, 1961

    And SMB, can you please credit ZuZu when you repeat one or rephrase one of her entries? I am very happy that you are going back to the immense wealth of writing she created. The task you perform for this group is Herculean. I could not do it. I thank you for posting, no matter the source. I hope you are well and that you are able to keep going.
    Thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents.

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