Random Acts

I love the idea of random acts of kindness, which can be a wide variety of things. Sometimes it’s simply giving up a parking space for another. I don’t give to make me feel better, but that is the way it turns out, most of the time. Giving anonymously means not only giving without the knowledge of the person I gave to, but it also means not telling others about this act. Not taking credit for the action. It really helps to build self image – I feel good when I do good. I don’t always need a pat on the back, sometimes just knowing that I have done what I could to help another is enough for me. Humility is at work here, and I can always use a larger dose of that. I am still learning to treat myself, occasionally, and the better I treat me, the better I will treat others.


5 thoughts on “Random Acts

  1. Of course I don’t know how everyone else is about this but the more I sense that someone is struggling, the more I am pulling for them.

    Maybe that’s how I feel concerning my own struggles too!

    I have enormous sympathy and compassion for anyone who suffers PTSD.

    Lots of veterans, lots of recovering alcoholics.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

    • yes Harry, i too know fellas with ptsd, as well as our addition, makes for a complicated recovery for them. they do need more time and understanding.

  2. What?
    Random acts of kindness?
    Being an alcoholic?
    What’s the connection?
    Maybe none at all…or maybe everything.
    A life consciously lived, in awareness of God’s Great Gift, made manifest within each of us, overbrimming with love.
    So as each morning we “ask our creator to show us the way of patience, kindliness, tolerance and love” ( BB p.83), we become, in my opinion, acts of kindness ourselves…
    And as we do so, our interior selves, imperceptibly, unbeknownst to us, begin to come into alignment, allowing God’s Will to flow through us, naturally.
    “We need not struggle, we relax and take it easy” (BB p. 86).
    Heart, mind, spirit reintegrate.
    The alcoholic becomes a gift to the world, one glorious day at a time.
    That is, indeed, a miracle, available to each of us, today.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. was going thru a drive-thru coffee shop (which will remain unnamed – an outside issue) when i got to the window to pay, the clerk informed us that the person ahead had already paid. now that was about as random an act of kindness i have ever encountered. i have have returned the favour once, but need to perhaps repeat the gesture.

    if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

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