Paraphrasing from a book and what I’ve heard at a meeting: Every no, makes room for a yes. Every delay fortifies our patience and allows for time to prepare and mature. Every physical setback forces us to rest and recover, building strength in other ways. Every weakness and temptation heightens are awareness of our need for others and a Higher Power. Every bout of loneliness and depression reminds us to love when we are able. Every embarrassment keeps our sense of humor intact. Every gaping hole of loss could be a window. Maybe every failure isn’t a failure at all, but a blessing in suspicious packaging!!! Gratitude.
You’re thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I try to practice a little self control and avoid copying and pasting especially when posting here but when some of my readings so clearly speak to the spoken point I ask; “Is it odd or is it God” and let this help me make this decision.
    I believe so strongly in Faith!

    The more time I spend with God in prayer and meditation, the stronger our relationship develops. This strengthening provides a base upon which I build my life, just as a house is built upon a firm foundation. Even if the winds of fear blow and storms roll in, I have faith that my house is safe because the rock beneath me is unfaltering.
    However, during difficult times, I may struggle to trust that God is working toward good in my life or in the world. If I feel defeated because of a challenging situation, I turn my attention to Spirit. I focus on the calming rhythm of my breath and my body relaxes. I do not seek a solution; I simply rest in the presence of Spirit. My faith supports me. I feel my trust in God, and I have peace of mind.

    There is no Holy One like the Lord (God of my understanding), no one besides Him; there is no Rock like our God (God of my understanding).—1 Samuel 2:2

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Just feeling the blessings and the life which is all around us this beautiful morning.
    Much peace to all of us this day, gifted us for our use.
    Don’t understand how it all works, but I sure can feel that it does.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Finally taking a day off after my “stuff” arriving yesterday! I have a home with so many familiar things. They all tell the story of my life. Pictures of my beloved Fordy and our girls are around every corner. The week without my “stuff” afforded me time to get to know my yard. I found great serenity in pruning hydrangeas and weeding!
    Today I am going to the beach and sit with family and have rest and fun. It’s a good day to walk in the ocean!

    • So glad to hear your share and your serene experience in your garden, Maggie. I love gardens and the quiet time nature brings. Blessings to you ! Kt

  4. there are no dumb questions – just dumb answers, i need to especially be aware when working with new members. the only reason i am being asked is that that person assumes i know the answer. thank them for asking and try my best. if i don’t know – i say so. and a short prayer for the knowledge doesn’t hurt either.

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