If I can work towards being true to myself, I will have less times of struggle, resentments, and dishonesty. The Spiritual Principles would be at work in my life. All of these fine behaviors will have little impact if I am not true to myself. I cannot lie to myself, I know the truth – at least the truth as it relates to me and sobriety. I do not “follow the crowd” but rather follow my own sense of right and wrong. It may be different than yours – and that’s how it should be. I am my own unique individual, just as each of you are. When I first came to the rooms I had very little self-esteem, but I could see the benefits of sobriety in the faces of others. Just making the decision to admit my defeat over alcohol, and acknowledging the concept of a Higher Power, were the beginnings of recovery, and faith in myself as a valid human being. I believed for many years that I was “damaged goods” and therefore not worthy of anything good. Today I know that was a lie I told myself.
What lies do you tell yourself?