When I reached my Third Step, I had to ask myself “What do I have to lose?” My way certainly had not worked. The phrase “A leap of faith” comes to mind when I consider my Third Step, because that was certainly what occurred in my life. The Steps have played a significant role in my recovery before relapse, and the Third Step was a primary factor in attaining any sense of faith or belief in a power greater than myself. I made the decision to close my eyes and go forth blindly – in the hope of finding the peace I was desperate for. Even before I reached a point of considering the Third Step, I first had to “work” Steps 1 and 2. Step One brought me to the tables and to the reality of my drinking – my life was a mess. Step Two had me searching for a power, one that was stronger than my addiction to alcohol. Coming to believe that a power greater than my disease existed was evident in the members and their stories. Something was definitely at work in the lives of those in the rooms.