(Prayers for France tonight and all those affected by violence!!!)

When I don’t feel close to my Higher Power it’s usually because I have stepped away. He did not move – I did. Prayer and meditation are but two ways of communing with the God of my understanding. Sometimes, I simply “talk”, if I am facing problems or challenges. Having faith means that I accept whatever is presented to me, on a daily basis. It also means that I give up the reins of trying to control my life, and practice patience and learn the art of waiting. Everything does not happen the instant I think of it, it’s all done in time. I hear the words “I am being prepared” quite often, and have come to understand that it means I have behavior lessons to learn, that I might then be able to follow the directions of my Higher Power, as I stretch towards a “higher purpose.” Obedience and discipline have not been my guide posts, but in recent weeks these are lessons to learn.