I believe that maintaining relationships is one of the hardest things we do in life. It’s easier to start a relationship than it is to keep it on an even keel. I believe that my partner in life and my daughter, have been the two people in my life who have truly loved me, just as I am, as well as all of my AA friends.  My partner was very accepting of my behavior and gave me lots of room for errors, while my daughter can be critical about my behavior and my life, in general. She is happy that I am in the Program, and again sober, but we live separate lives in many ways. Especially since I can no longer see my granddaughter. The Spiritual Principles have helped me be more lovable than I ever was before recovery. I am kinder and more willing to accept others as they are, not as I would have them. My faith, and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous have afforded me opportunities for growth and change in my relationships with others. A daily inventory is helpful in reminding me of my part in any relationship that I have today. I am responsible for my own actions and words, just as others are responsible for theirs. Slowly I am learning…a day at a time!!!

Let us pray for those who’s lives were lost in France, and the world unrest. We are all blessed to be where we are today! Just for today!!! ❤❤❤