Rebel With A Cause

I was a rebel early on in life, and did not have a set pattern of behavior that was consistent or purposeful. I usually did the opposite of what was expected of me. This rebellious nature carried over into my adult life, and now, in new Sobriety, I am learning to reassess the value of such guidelines as the Spiritual Principles. There is a Principle for each Step in A.A. Step One’s Spiritual Principle is Honesty. If I cannot be honest I will not achieve recovery. Honesty is the very basic behavior that is needed to even begin the process of rehabilitation – recovery. I find that I have to admit with complete honesty that my life was unmanageable and that I was powerless over alcohol. Can I look within and honestly admit my problem? It is called the “first step” for a reason. It is the very beginning of change. The first step towards change is the acceptance that change is desired, needed, and is absolutely imperative to sobriety!! A day at a time. Blessed to have a beginning….Thanks for the conversation today Maggs-you’re one in a million ❤



2 thoughts on “Rebel With A Cause

  1. Lots of times I rebel against the varies and vicissitudes of accepting life on life terms.
    6Here is an example.

    My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about how I continue to push my physical body to continue activity which I obviously thoroughly enjoy yet deep down know I am not quite up to most of the time because of the physical limitations of age and especially aches and pains.
    Lots of times people ask me how I’m doing and I reply, “I’m gimpy and grumpy”.
    I also notice I have developed a split nail so I’m going have to trim back real close and perhaps put little clear nail polish on.
    I know I can’t do a whole lot most of the time about the gimpy part but by cracky by keeping a positive mental attitude and frequently turning towards a precious higher power there is much I can do about the grumpy part.

    One of the reflections I read every morning is the upper room and this morning’s is extremely apropos or in other words Hits the Nail on the Head.

    I’m Harry, Grateful Alcoholic and Devoted 12th Stepper.

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