I was a rebel early on in life, and did not have a set pattern of behavior that was consistent or purposeful. I usually did the opposite of what was expected of me. This rebellious nature carried over into my adult life, and now, in new Sobriety, I am learning to reassess the value of such guidelines as the Spiritual Principles. There is a Principle for each Step in A.A. Step One’s Spiritual Principle is Honesty. If I cannot be honest I will not achieve recovery. Honesty is the very basic behavior that is needed to even begin the process of rehabilitation – recovery. I find that I have to admit with complete honesty that my life was unmanageable and that I was powerless over alcohol. Can I look within and honestly admit my problem? It is called the “first step” for a reason. It is the very beginning of change. The first step towards change is the acceptance that change is desired, needed, and is absolutely imperative to sobriety!! A day at a time. Blessed to have a beginning….Thanks for the conversation today Maggs-you’re one in a million ❤