I have surrendered to the reality of my life, and accepted responsibility for it. I believe that it is possible to stretch our wings and become whomever we choose to be. The disease of alcoholism does not condemn me for an eternity – I can change, I can grow and I can be a better person in sobriety than I ever was when I was in the throes of my drinking. Today, I have reconnected with a God of my understanding, who has shown me that I am capable to change, capable of growth, and capable of sharing my experience, strength and hope with others. Today, I know that my future is not limited by my past. My mistakes of yesterday can be stepping stones for tomorrow if I work to do something about them today. As our good friend Tom S generally concludes with……GRATEFUL FOR THE GIFT ❤
(Went for a drive today to reconnect with the Universe….the picture is from today)