We are each unique in our own way, and we each possess traits and behaviors that are God-given. Day dreaming about such things as accomplishing something that is a “first” or an “only” is a waste of time. I used to dream about being the first woman to walk across the United States – then I woke up, hung-over and reality set in . . . I needed to work to pay the bills, it was a “pipe dream,” just another way for me to escape my disease for a few moments – in my mind. In the Program I have learned about the “real” me, and I struggle on a daily basis to be as my Higher Power would have me be. Humility is a behavior I strive towards, sometimes I achieve this lofty goal, and other times I do not. I am just a human being, and as such one who desires humility of heart, mind and spirit. Today, I live in the real world, instead of dreaming of a better life, I live a better life, a day at a time!!!