Humility Prayer

Quote is from “Stepping Stones to Recovery”- “Humility Prayer”
Lord, I am far too much influenced by what people think of me.
Which means that I am always pretending to be either richer or smarter or nicer than I really am.
Please prevent me from trying to attract attention.
Don’t let me gloat over praise on the one hand or be discouraged by criticism on the other.
Nor let me waste time weaving imaginary situations in which the most heroic, charming, witty person present is myself.
Show me how to be humble of heart like You.

The quote asks that I be prevented from trying to attract attention. I am not as humble as I would hope to be. Humility is described as “the absence of any feelings of being better than others.” Whereas displaying genuine humility is described as “the peace activist accepted the Nobel Prize on behalf of all who have worked to end the violence.” So sharing the spotlight for positive actions could be another version of humility, instead of claiming all the credit for work well done. Anything I do, I do as the result of God’s blessings and efforts. Today I am very grateful for ALL of you who have been beside me on this journey. 21 days today, and we are headed to the ocean with the furkids. Look at what is in front of you-A DAY AT A TIME!!!


10 thoughts on “Humility Prayer

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    I’ve been experiencing something which was identified many years ago for me by Ivan Peacock an old friend long deceased but as you can see is still with me.
    I told him I had been feeling kind of nervous lately and it just seemed to linger on and on.
    He said that’s called, “free-floating anxiety”.
    This was in my early recovery from alcoholism and I was in the process of developing new coping skills to live life on life’s terms without having to turn to long ingrained sickly methods such as taking a drink of liquor at it.
    It reminds me of State I existed in for many years during my college and postgraduate education and I have come to identify it as a state of readiness but Lord, Lordy Lord I just get worn out with it especially when it interrupts my sleep.
    In that respect I have used and reused until sometimes I feel kind of ashamed about it, “Lord have mercy – Lord have mercy………”.

    Another way is to use patience; I don’t particularly like this method.
    Be patient with yourself and others; remember God isn’t finished with us yet.

    Another is to remember what Will Rogers said, “I’m only human, I hate that”.

    Another is to share this with others.

    Seems as if I’m doing that right now but I don’t get much feedback most the time from this computer.
    That’s a “Ha Ha”.

    Well I suppose that’s enough meandering on the musing trail this morning.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

    I still suffer.
    Can’t wait to get to a meeting.
    Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us today.

  2. Harry, you’v been a little more amusing than usual these past few days of posts. It’s good to read a bit of light hearted humor from any one.Gotta go. Hope n pray ya’ll have a great day!

  3. Do I have the courage to be the person He shows me I can be?
    No, certainly not by myself.
    When I get a glimpse of the implications I become pretty protective and ease into denial and distraction.
    But through attempting consistent adherence to the practice of our principles and our fellowship I come closer, seemingly ever closer.
    And as Doc Watson suggests in one of my most treasured songs-
    “…take it to the Lord in prayer…”
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Thank you for your shares this 24, SMB. I especially like the section about humbleness, an ah ah God shot for me. Harry when I read your thoughts, it came to my mind, a phrase my mother used to say, ” it is darkest before the Dawn” and the next thought came from a song hymn, we used to sing, ”
    What a friend we have in Jesus,
    All our sins and griefs to bear!
    What a privilege to carry
    Everything to God in prayer!
    O what peace we often forfeit,
    O what needless pain we bear,
    All because we do not carry
    Everything to God in prayer,

    Forgive the cross talk but I just felt the response was back there in my memory.

  5. Watched a Father Martin video on Step One this morning and a lot of his talks are on youtube. It motivated me to attend a noon f2f and been a few weeks. Guess someone upstairs gave me a bit of a nudge!

    • Yay JT. I’ve attended over 40 meeting in the last 22 days. That’s just what HP is telling me to do. This OLE girl needs to stay connected. I love youtube. Remember when Zuzu would do her post and I would give her a song to post as well? 🙂

  6. Top of the morning family,
    22 days, a loud golf clap for ya Sister MB!
    The life you desire is happening right now….
    RE “I don’t always have to believe what I’m thinking.”
    – That’s one less thing to worry about, bwah aha

    Humility for me comes down to my level of need for Divine Mercy.
    Humility is the opposite of pr”I”de.
    Today, my actions and thinking are total opposite than the first day I opened the door to AA.
    – Do I march forward with my limited plans or wait for His perfect timing?!
    Today, I need His courage, patience, and faith for successful waiting.
    My obstacles or His opportunities?
    It is written: God is good!
    Can I rejoice: God is good in suffering?!

    It’s a good day to count waves.

    • Thank you my friend. Did you see me curtsy? Lol…I love what you said about humility. …then opposite of pr I de!!!! It’s a great day to count waves!!! Hugs

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