Turn It Over

I may or may not be a significant person in the lives of others. When I “turn it over” and let God do His job, and me do mine – the world spins just as it was made to do. I cannot solve the problems of the world, I cannot create a utopia here on earth – that’s out of my realm. But I can and do work to change my behaviors, that I might reach out to others and share my experience, strength, and hope. I can work towards change and growth – and by doing so, help others to achieve that same change and growth in their lives, being mindful of the fact that I serve as an example to others. Sometimes I lose my “place” in the world, and try to effect changes that are not mine to do. My ego still gets in the way of humility at times, and I struggle to remember that I am but a mere human, no more and no less. Whenever I “Let go and Let God” my stress level drops, and my path becomes clearer. I gain a perspective about my place in the world, and I know that the very best I can do is to take care of me that I might then be there for others, when they are ready to Step up and Step out in the world of recovery and sobriety.


8 thoughts on “Turn It Over

  1. Ever since I first saw it posted on our walls I kind of fell in love with “EASY DOES IT”.

    A friend of mine made a placard which I posted on the front bumper of my new 1994 automobile and one pleasant Sunday morning and old friend of mine took note of it and asked me, “do you know what that means?” Sensing that I was going to get some new information I said ‘I don’t reckon so’ and he said, “It means take the action and leave the results up to God”.

    This has sort of been my mantra ever since then.

    I’m Harry, an easy does-er.

  2. When I ask “what am I to do?” I feel guided “to become”.
    That I am to seek to dwell in the divine heart and then listen.
    From that place, whatever evolves is from Him, not me.
    Grateful for the Gift.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Which/whose path am I on today?
    Many times, I take my eyes away from Divine Mercy for a path that looks/feels better. Sooner than later, my detours of self leads to pain and misery. Isn’t pain a great motivator?! His mercy, will allow one to get as miserably as one desires. Once I’m fully disgusted with a part of my life; then I will take action and do something about it.
    Today I’m recognizing, Heavenly Father has expertly designed a path for each of His children. Today, I’m learning that your path may not be best for me. Moreover, my path may not be best for you.
    When my life has a clean up on aisle 3, I know exactly Who to call.
    It is written: Trust in God with all your heart, and do lean on your own understanding…One less thing I have to worry about.

    At each and every range , while conducting live fire exercises in the Army, we were pounded with the following order: “Take all commands from the tower!”

    Simple instructions for simple living. Can my life be that simple? Yes, it can. All I have to do is excuse my excuses, get off the couch and take action through His commands.

    It’s a good day to have a listen day.

  4. Handing it over to His Grace. If detox again, remember it works if you work it. As you showed me through the wee door toward the happy highway of the Spiritual Principals. Amen

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