I may or may not be a significant person in the lives of others. When I “turn it over” and let God do His job, and me do mine – the world spins just as it was made to do. I cannot solve the problems of the world, I cannot create a utopia here on earth – that’s out of my realm. But I can and do work to change my behaviors, that I might reach out to others and share my experience, strength, and hope. I can work towards change and growth – and by doing so, help others to achieve that same change and growth in their lives, being mindful of the fact that I serve as an example to others. Sometimes I lose my “place” in the world, and try to effect changes that are not mine to do. My ego still gets in the way of humility at times, and I struggle to remember that I am but a mere human, no more and no less. Whenever I “Let go and Let God” my stress level drops, and my path becomes clearer. I gain a perspective about my place in the world, and I know that the very best I can do is to take care of me that I might then be there for others, when they are ready to Step up and Step out in the world of recovery and sobriety.