Grateful For The Gift

I believe in supporting the Fellowship by any means, from cash donations to being of service in whatever way is needed. It takes a group to be a group. I am grateful for the changes in my life that have occurred as the direct result of being a member of A.A. I have been blessed in many, many ways; from gaining the peace of mind, to learning to live one day at a time. Today my life has purpose and direction, something that gives me a feeling of being part of the world, part of life. One of my shortcomings was my selfishness, and this has given way to feelings of generosity and kindness towards others. A.A. has given me a lot, and now it’s my turn to give back, and I do so willingly and freely. I work to share my experience, strength and hope with others that they may gain some insight into their own behavior. “Alcoholism is but a symptom.” The real culprit is my behavior, my actions and my prior belief that life is written in stone. Change is not only possible, it is absolutely needed to maintain a true sense of recovery. The Promises tell us that “We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows. That self-seeking will slip away.” One of the basics in A.A. is that recovery happens when we move beyond our selves. I am but a part of a whole – a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous.


4 thoughts on “Grateful For The Gift

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    I don’t think I ever saw anyone quite is angry as a dentist who was in treatment with me when he was confronted in a group for accepting handouts.
    In these situations the confrontation is directed towards everyone there even though the focus is on someone who is in the so-called “hot seat”.
    It was “waky, waky” time for me as I recognized the many times I was irresponsible and had to have someone cover up for me. I’m sure my good friends got real tired of it as they increasingly recognized the root cause of it.
    So we are in for a transformation if we want to be healed for our Wisdom Book advises us that not one of us will ever get sober without a measure of humility and in this instance it includes taking responsibility for ourselves, being self supporting!

    So how do we begin?

    We begin by not drinking because you can’t quit drinking, drinking.

    We begin by going to 90 meetings in 90 days and starting to learn and practice new principles, ones we may have known but were not living.

    We accept that we all have a higher power who only wants the very best for us always.

    We overhaul our mornings!

    We stay on task!

    As active alcoholics we were always looking for a handout in one way or another.
    The challenge of the Seventh Tradition is a personal challenge, reminding me to share and give of myself. Before sobriety the only thing I ever supported was my habit of drinking. Now my efforts are a smile, a kind word, and kindness.
    I saw that I had to start carrying my own weight and to allow my new friends to walk with me because, through the practice of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, I’ve never had it so good.–Daily Reflections

    So what does our 7th traditions state?
    “We are self-supporting by our on contributions.”

    And that’s not just the dollar up to we may put in the basket.

    It is Fellowship in its deepest dimension.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. You gave to me, and I didn’t know it.
    After a while, at the deepest level, something began to change.
    I learned, eventually, to give, of myself, to others.
    In doing so, I rejoined the human race.
    We bring our light to the world; the lost become found.
    And I just came here to get off the booze.
    Grateful, indeed, for the Gift.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Gifts are awesome to receive: and way much gooder from the Person who gave them.
    Do I sincerely surrender upon awakening:
    – Does my heart willfully desire His power and protection?
    – Does my soul understand that I can longer rely on self?
    As Harry has mentioned this week: Overhauling the morning isn’t putting up a newer air fresher on my rear view mirror.
    It’s a good day to have a top notch day.

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