Tick Toc……

Recovery from alcoholism is an ongoing process. I have to “live” the program. That’s why I continue to write and post on This24. That’s why I still attend meetings, and I am still in service to others. A.A. is not something I can visit once a week, like church. A.A. is a way of living life to it’s fullest. There are times during any day when I take a moment to pray and ask God for help. I have given up the controls of my life and now work to follow His will. He has led me down a path unlike anything I ever anticipated. Today, I can feel a true sense of joy, a deep and abiding happiness, and know that I am finally free to live the lif that was intended for me to live. My fears have left, and have been replaced with the knowledge that I am in the hands of the Master. It’s a life lived one day at a time, one moment at a time. I am grateful for all my many blessings.

Photo Courtesy of Tom S
Photo Courtesy of Tom S


6 thoughts on “Tick Toc……

  1. Do we all have a longing?

    I know I do!

    That’s probably the reason I have resorted at last to search for the living God and believe somehow he is found deep within.

    So all the time He was apparently hidden from me there He was!

    I know it’s a stretch for we of his creation but I understand that “Thou, O Lord, hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are ever restless till they find their rest in Thee” –Augustine.

    Considering stretching as I am reminded to do as I read the comics yesterday and saw our beloved General Halftrack doing everything he could devise to avoid the challenge of stretching his putting skill.


    A couple of decades ago my old friend Fr. Leo shared a personal story with us of speaking to a large group when a fairly large warm and stood up and declared, “Stretch Leo, stretch!”
    She happened to be Jean Houston who was Nancy Reagan’s astrology mentor.

    Leo declared that he was instantly and spiritually energized and continues to be strengthened by this bit of spontaneous spiritual advice.

    The ABCs:

    A– that we were alcoholic and could not manage own lives.
    B– that probably no human power could have relieved our alcoholism.
    C– that God could and would if he were sought.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. We are people who would not normally mix, but who are bound together by a common problem and have found a common solution.
    But what a solution it turns out to be.
    It is not static, passive or a one time thing.
    Rather, we take on a new manner of living- with both demands we would not anticipate and rewards unimaginable.
    And we witness that it works, one ay at a time, in the lives of a couple of million folks.
    Grateful for the Gift.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    RE: I am in the hands of the Master.
    – He’s always right behind my belly button. My responsibility is keeping my eyes/heart open to the omnipresent ways He reveals Himself to me.
    Tic Toc: Do I skip this day and His daily bread and face the day alone?
    Tic Toc: Divine Mercy never takes a day off from His children. Do I take a day off from Him?
    Tic Toc: What’s my excuse this time?
    Tic Toc: At what time do I accept His hand in mine?
    Tic Toc: Am I placing limits on His promises/ His protection?
    Tic Toc: Are my priorities and actions consistent with His desires for me?
    His word keeps me right sized. Then my battle rhythm is able to recognize worldly attractions and self-seeking influences.

    Tic Toc: what direction is my spiritual pendulum swinging now?

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