Exact Nature

Having someone to trust is very important. In the Program we use the tool of sponsorship, and the idea is to develop a relationship with one individual who can share with you their experiences in recovery. Someone you can trust to keep your confidences. Someone who will ultimately know your complete history when you were drinking and when you were sober and working the Program. Someone you can share your deepest secrets with, without judgment. They are more than a good friend, they are teachers, guides, and mentors. Trust is something that builds over time. Complete honesty requires effort, time and courage. Trust is a privilege and an honor – something we gain through practicing the spiritual principles.

Photo Courtesy of MX
Photo Courtesy of MX


3 thoughts on “Exact Nature

  1. AUGUST 5
    How persistently we claim the right to decide all by
    ourselves just what we shall think and just how we shall act

    I am blessed to be an attentive listener but I had to hone that skill through many years and lots of classrooms and one on one encounters with many people.
    It’s still imperfect but it’s a heck of a lot better than it ever was.Many of our interpersonal skills are honed in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.
    When I was a drinker I never heard anyone except liquor! – Harry, grateful alcoholic.

    Attention, Reverence, Devotion The old-timer counseled his young novices to do the following.

    First, bring focus to your life by taking the time to listen to others and to see what lies before you. Give your attention to what is really there. Let that person or that poem or that social injustice or that scientific experiment become as genuinely itself as it can be. Then reverence what you see before you. If you learn to do this, The old-timer urged, then you will gradually discover devotion, the singularly moving way in which God works in that situation, revealing goodness and fragility, beauty and truth, pain and anguish, wisdom and ingenuity.
    Attention, reverence, and devotion establish the process for finding God in all things.–Howard Gray

  2. Attention, reverence and devotion…nice.
    When I pay attention, then, presto poof, I definitionally come out of self!
    Woo Hoo.
    Another tool for the kit, and a power tool at that.
    As Bonnie speaks to, when I work with another alcoholic, truly work, listening and honouring their presence with all of my attention, from a place of love, then I am not thinking of myself and my “burden of self” is lifted.
    Such a simple, challenging way lies before us…with immeasurable reward at our fingertips.
    Our hearts show us the way.
    Grateful for the gift.

  3. Sharing with a sponsor took me out of myself. Focusing on myself and my behaviors with another have me the tools to be able to focus on others.

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