The List(This was the actual post today Harry hit it on thr head!)

My “list” has changed over my time in the Program in Step 8(since it’s the 8th month). As I have gone through the processes of recovery, more is revealed to me, every time. Some persons I can take off the list, as having made whatever amends is needed, and there are some names I can add as my memory of old injuries becomes clearer. And then there is the new “offenses” which have occurred in the process of becoming a sober member of A.A., which are revealed to me when I work Step Ten. This “cleansing” is a continual process, and one that I am constantly “working.” One thing I strive for with Step Eight is the willingness to do whatever it takes to make amends to each and everyone. I have come to understand that alcoholism is a disease, and as such my behavior will never be 100% perfect, but I can and do work towards improvement. Because of this understanding my “guilt load” has eased, and I have quit beating myself up, instead I have become willing to accept myself as a flawed human being.


5 thoughts on “The List(This was the actual post today Harry hit it on thr head!)

  1. Top of the morning family,
    Been away on mini-vacation in the Colorado high country/above 9000ft.
    Operation beat the heat.

    Step 10 “pride buster”
    Self hates being wrong, Self doesn’t want to be liable. Self doesn’t want to responsible for my actions.
    This step makes me accountable to Divine Mercy, myself, others, and society.
    I’m learning that it’s much gooder to say soft and sweet words; in that, their easier to take back and eat.
    For me, the lie of the day is that I can fix myself/human weaknesses. Once I accept the truth that I can’t live on my own strength, I begin to learn His truth. His forgiveness allows me to forgive others and to forgive myself.

    This design for successful living doesn’t allow me to stop. That’s what fear invokes. Fear is the perpetual stop sign for life!
    My battle rhythm permits me to march forward in His light. It’s this posture that blooms His faith in me. Today my self-worth is based on His word/ His truth. We will never be perfect and Divine Mercy doesn’t expect us to be. He wants us to trust Him and to give Him our daily struggles.
    In return, God gives us our daily bread.

    Today is a good day not to take things ah so personal….

    • Not to take things so personal, I do remember my sponsor telling me to lighten up, by that I think she meant I was wrapped up in the steps so intensely that I was trying to be perfect. She said , God Loves you and now you need to love yourself. And BTW you need to keep believing it. Ahe good words.
      Thanks Clay for your words of wisdom. Kt

  2. It is no secret what God can do. What he’s done for others he’ll do for you. It does take a little willingness.

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