(Reflection By Clay-Thank you my friend)
When I gave in and surrendered to this design for successful living, I didn’t get a manageable life. I was given some spiritual equipment. Life didn’t become easier, circumstance didn’t change, but I had become better equipped to handle each day’s action items.

Last month, I went to the optometrist to get a new pair of glasses. My old ones were okay, but my eyes were in need for a newer prescription. I can manage by with the old ones but frustration sets in, for I like reading/seeing with clarity. However, our spiritual vision/seeing with newer eyes doesn’t require glasses. Our only requirement for our spiritual eyes is a relationship from our Creator. Sometimes my spiritual vision is distorted through my human weaknesses. If I refuse to let go let God, my spiritual vision is now cloudy; lacking clarity.

Last spring, I received my hearing aids, (getting old’er). Not being able to hear was becoming increasingly frustrating. As in my spiritual life, when I get disgusted enough about it, then I will take action and do something about it. Much similar to my spiritual vision, my spiritual hearing becomes difficult because of so many distracting voices around me. I have my own voices; voices of the past/voices of the future, voices of my family and friends. And the grand pooh bah, voices of this world.
Self will always deceive self into thinking that I can continue marching forward living as the shiny/glittering world demands. Only through a daily bread relationship can my spiritual vision and hearing be restored. He will always give us new eyes and ears to accomplish His will.

Today, I see with new’er eyes, I hear with new’er ears, I taste with new taster, and I experience life, a new life that is happening right now!

Clays newer eyes, ears and selfie!! LOL

Clays newer eyes, ears and selfie!! LOL