The Power Within

My purpose in life is to stay sober and help others, period. Recognizing and accepting this fact enables me to move forward, away from negative behaviors, and toward positive behaviors. It feels good when I do something for another, however that may define itself. It feels good when I look back at the old me, as compared to the “new” me. It feels good to see the rooms of A.A. full of the faithful. I love the expectant look of hope on the faces of newcomers. I love that I am now in touch with my feelings, and know that they are the “nudges” that tell me that God is at work in my life. I have learned to pay attention to all my feelings. If I am angry it may be that my old nemesis, selfishness, is trying to gain a foothold – or it could be my ever changing ego is, once again out of control – anger is trying to tell me something, and I need to listen. God is listening all the time!


4 thoughts on “The Power Within

  1. 15
    Some of us, though, tripped over a very different snag. We clung to the claim that when drinking we never hurt anybody but ourselves.

    Come on! Let’s get real.
    Let’s get honest.

    When I was drinking and even when I wasn’t drinking yet continuously confounded and hounded by the unceasing obsession to just get finished with what I was doing so I could get a drink of liquor I really couldn’t give the situation at hand my very best effort which after all is the only thing I feel that my higher power desires of me.
    This is not perfection but constantly reaching towards excellence which my insatiable drive is constantly urging.

    I have made tremendous strides.

    Number one; I don’t drink liquor anymore.

    I am able to give my best effort at the time.

    Since I can’t do this by myself I constantly look towards God and have the feeling of his Holy Spirit being with me at all times.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. As I do, I become.
    As I do as you do, I become as you are.
    It is no more complicated than that.
    As you show me that you are not your thoughts or emotions, but rather that you are a human being having thoughts and emotions, I see that I am no different.
    That I am something else than mad, sad, lonely or drunk on self.
    Then I become free to find my true self.
    Then I become a seeker.
    Then I enter the world of the Spirit.

  3. Top of the mid day morning family,
    Sweet reflection, Power away and towards.
    Reminds me of the song in the earlier 90’s from the band called, “Snap”, “I’ve got the power”. Today, this song has a meaningful purpose than when I first heard it in Germany.
    Today, His love and power is free. All I have to do is extend an open hand to Him.
    Divine Mercy’s power is proportional to my desire for it. Faith is an action word. Believing is a word of action; not a simple word of agreement.
    – Have my priorities changed?
    – Have my interests changed?
    – Are my world views changed?
    – Is self-changing daily?
    – Do I believe that the best is yet to come?
    His power is channeled to us and in us through many avenues/means:
    His promise of eternal life.
    His blanket of love that keeps me from being alone.
    His power that allows us freedom from the bondage of self.
    The power of sharing His works in our lives.
    The power of the fellowship.
    The power to live our lives with purpose.
    The power to live in peace when life appears to going south.

    Today is good day to be me….

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