My purpose in life is to stay sober and help others, period. Recognizing and accepting this fact enables me to move forward, away from negative behaviors, and toward positive behaviors. It feels good when I do something for another, however that may define itself. It feels good when I look back at the old me, as compared to the “new” me. It feels good to see the rooms of A.A. full of the faithful. I love the expectant look of hope on the faces of newcomers. I love that I am now in touch with my feelings, and know that they are the “nudges” that tell me that God is at work in my life. I have learned to pay attention to all my feelings. If I am angry it may be that my old nemesis, selfishness, is trying to gain a foothold – or it could be my ever changing ego is, once again out of control – anger is trying to tell me something, and I need to listen. God is listening all the time!