Taking a few moments to pray, out of a busy day, can help us to slow our pace down to a healthy level. I use meditation, prayer, and every once in a while I look at what I can change in my life to decrease the stress. Is there anything I can eliminate? Maybe taking 15-20 minutes alone, would be of some help? I try to reduce my stress level by accepting the idea that my life is being guided by my Higher Power, and turning my life over to the care of God means that I accept the idea that I am no longer in charge of the world. I don’t have to spend hours trying to find a solution, my solution will come from a Higher level. Two days ago was our anniversary. We’ve been together 22 yrs through the good, and very bad times. I am so blessed to still have family in my life. We will be headed to the ocean to paddle board(my daughter in laws gift to me)and enjoy the company, create new memories, and share a few meals. This would NOT have happened if I was still drinking. The promises come true, if I work diligently to find purpose, and continue on the path of recovery-One Day At A Time!!!
santa cruz


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