I trust in my faith – God leads me to a “higher” place – when I let Him. My past mistakes and failures are over, now I need to forgive myself for these “errors” and get on with living a life of faith and service to others. A.A. is called a “we” program for a reason – it helps us see beyond our own personal problems. Life is not always about me, me, me! By being of service to others, quite often I find solutions to my problems in the process of helping others. I need others in my life, and the Program certainly provides me the opportunity for that. Working with others helps both me and them. I have been a sponsor and quite often the “teacher” becomes the “student” when working the Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the process of helping others, I help myself. Faith in a Higher Power enables me to open my mind to the possibility of healing through spiritual guidelines. Anythings possible, right?