Today, I can claim my character defects without going completely to pieces. I know that through the recovery process I have made progress in my life. I know that having faith in the Program and in my Higher Power are the things that have enabled me to accept my part in my fallacies, and to know that help is always available. I have been liberated from the helpless condition I arrived in because I’m living the steps in my life. I work to ensure that even those “minor” flaws such as laziness, and self-righteousness don’t turn into the shortcomings and character defects of times past. I never have to drink again, and I never have to cheat and steal to make my life worth living. I can and do hold my head up high. I dare to look others in the eye, and I dare to walk into the rooms without a cloak of fear, anger or pride. Just for today I have been liberated from the heaviness of all those negative behaviors. Today I soar!!!