While I may not always understand the Spiritual Principles, I still work to incorporate them into my life. Generosity, unity, and service are but a beginning when it comes to service in the Program. In A.A. when I attempt to help others, I always come away from that experience feeling better about myself, so it’s a win-win situation. Everyone, at one time or another, experiences feelings of being discouraged. When that happens to me, and I go to a meeting, nine times out of ten I will hear someone who’s problems are greater than mine – and come away with a feeling of gratitude for what I do have. Whenever I can get my head out of the dark place it goes to, I have found on reflection that my Higher Power was at work in my life, once again. When I need help, I ask for it through prayer and meditation. I never have to do this thing called recovery alone. Thank you This 24 for letting me be of service!!