A Survival Device

Recovery has brought me to a place of freedom, freedom to be exactly who I am – Bonnie, alcoholic; Bonnie, a woman in recovery, and Bonnie: mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, Friend etc., and Bonnie, a woman living a life of faith, trust, fellowship and service. Denial is no longer something I use, I strive to live in the real world. A world of honesty, integrity, and healing. It’s not always an easy thing to do – but A.A. has prepared me for the tough questions others may have or ask about me, and my past life. Today, I dare to be honest with others. How are you honest within the program of AA?


2 thoughts on “A Survival Device

  1. Grapevine Quote

    September 2
    “By admitting where I was at fault, I was given the ability to forgive … With forgiveness came a freedom that I had not anticipated. The amends had required nothing but courage, and a faith that my Higher Power would carry me where I had been too afraid to walk alone.”
    Sterling, AK, September 1993
    “Scene of the Crime”
    Step By Step
    God is pure love.
    So what can God bestowe?
    Only good!
    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic.

  2. Top of the morning family,
    Lies lies lies…just not a song from, The Thompson Twins.
    Denial denial denial…
    Today, I can take time and think about how I’m living this life.
    – Do I suffer from denial about denial?
    – Who am I honest with?
    -Where and I building stepping stones
    – Where am I building stumbling blocks.
    I know this solution works because I have experienced it.
    Today, I’m free as much as I desire.
    My misery, His mercy.

    Its a good day to have a golden Friday…..

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