Contributions To This24??

Hi All,
If you want to support THIS24 and would like to contribute, please say so in comments. This commitment is amazing. I can see by the stats that there are many more readers than comments. What would YOU as part of this blog like to see happen?

And NOW for the meditation:
I have learned what it means to be truly sober, to live a life of recovery. My life has both direction and purpose because of the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have found my “path” to the tables of A.A. and I have found the God of my understanding. I am a firm believer that we find what we look for, and for that reason I chose to look for love, I chose to look for joy, and I chose to look for serenity. Keep seeing, that is my true LOVE.


6 thoughts on “Contributions To This24??

  1. I consider this online conclave to be a cyber AA meeting and I adhere to the concept of being self-supporting through our own contributions.
    Please advise on the budget for this effort and methods of making contributions.
    Harry, grateful alcoholic.

  2. This24 did not mean $$ contributions! She needs people to contribute reflections! Doc, you could use one of your daily reflections as the lead reflection…maybe once a week?!
    Did I get that right, Bon?

    • Thank you Maggie. I’m kinda dense at times. I think I’ll probably just keep contributing as I have been.
      Harry, grateful alcoholic.

    • Yes Maggs. If people would like to contribute, they may send reflections to my email:
      Our email for This24 has been abandoned I believe as Paul D was extremely busy with life a year or so ago. I have spam blockers and an awesome antivirus program, so no worries about anyone having my email. We shall see how people comment here as to their feelings-however it is a holiday weekend. Enjoy everyone!!

  3. So an old timer, a wise elder whom I cherish, has travelled pretty far along “the road of happy destiny”, as it were. My friend has helped many, many hopeless people recover from alcoholism over many decades, including himself.
    Not a North American; he tells a gripping story, from decades ago, of a couple of Yanks going through his wee country, spreading the good news of AA from town, to village to hamlet. He loves to repeat the message they so lovingly spread: “Don’t settle for anything less than a first class sobriety!”
    This is a grace-filled day in which to be happy, joyous and free.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Thank you, this 24 and participants. I am like Harry I see this as an onliNE meeting. Therefore I think it takes a closer look at what in kind costs occur as part of the postings, etc,
    I am looking at my questions and comments as a group conscience question.
    Thanks for your service, kt

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