12th Step Prayer

(Reflection courtesy of KT)
Dear God, Having had a spiritual experience, I must now remember that “faith without works is dead.” And PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics. So, God, please help me to carry this message to other alcoholics! Provide me with the guidance and wisdom to talk with another alcoholic because I can help when no one else can. Help me secure his confidence and remember he is ill. (89:1)

This is a prayer of the web site that I sent myself and read the chapter on Working with others before I spoke to a young gal the other evening. I spoke to my sponsor and she helped by giving me encouragement on carrying the message of my experience, strength and hope to this person. I will continue to keep this person in my prayers, as she expressed she may not want to go anymore to meetings, so I am practicing prayer and asking for guidance as I know we can’t force people to meetings. Prayers and blessings to each of us as we continue to carry the AA message.


24 thoughts on “12th Step Prayer

  1. I am survivor of Alcoholics Anonymous which was originally patterned after the Pro-Nazi 1930s Oxford Group and is an incredibly toxic, dangerous, religious cult that presents itself as a “treatment program” for alcoholism. The problem is: it doesn’t work, never has worked, and never will work… AA has a failure rate of around 95%. Imagine such a “treatment” for any other “disease”!
    I am actually one of the very few that survived the abuse and insanity that passes for “recovery” or “sobriety” in AA. I have managed to stay clean and sober 36+ years because I went into therapy, counseling, and sought qualified, professional treatment and support.
    If I had relied solely on AA’s crack-pot 1930s circus tent neo-con, revivalist, faith-healing antics, I would not be alive or sober today. NY Supreme Court and multiple state and US Federal Courts have all ruled that AA is a religious cult, and I agree. I’d specifically like to link up with other “Survivors of AA.”

  2. Grapevine Quote

    September 7
    “The individual must sometimes place the welfare of his fellows ahead of his own uncontrolled desires. Were the individual to yield nothing to the common welfare there could be no society at all – only self-will run riot; anarchy in the worst sense of the word.”
    AA Co-Founder, Bill W., July 1946
    “The Individual in Relation to AA as a Group”
    The Language of the Heart

    “Fake it until you make it, they said”.

    This enduring spiritual Principle stands behind every beginner.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Nice prayer reminder reflection KT
    Today, peace is found when I relax and allow His universe to come to me.
    If I want peace; be of service to others.
    If I want freedom; face my fears with action by action through action.
    First do all you can do to solve your own problems. Then, trust Divine Mercy with the rest.
    As my well’er suggests: Do the hard leg work and let God do the fancy foot work.
    Prayer is our most powerful spiritual tool. Prayer is a spiritual handshake with Divine Mercy. We are directly communicating with God. Divine Mercy wants us to come to Him. He desires a personal relationship with all His children. He wants us to acknowledge Him. He loves to hear our voice.

    Thank you Kt for more prayers to offer up. I took a sweet likening to the prayer of forgiving oneself.
    As Mother Tersas would say: lets blast the heavens with our prayers.

    It’s a good day to resist the bait, then to struggle on the hook.
    – thanks JT

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