(Reflection courtesy of Tom S)
As I came into these rooms of recovery I saw that the “what you had” that I wanted was ever so much more than your literature or your words or even your actions- it was the “who you were” , the very nature of your being. You showed me that to become so myself meant changing, fundamentally, who I was. And that involved Spirit-which was much more about my heart, much less about my brain.

So how to do that; at the time you couldn’t have found my heart with a stethoscope. Well, here is what I eventually found works for me: I find a way to my heart through sensing the aliveness and immediacy of my breath. As I dwell on its familiar patterns: inhale to exhale, warmth to coolness, flow to stillness, I come into presence; I stay with this sense, I occupy it. I begin to feel that which lies beyond- deeper, farther, heretofore unknown. My awareness is in the present, and the “me” that is aware differs from the “me” that broods incessantly about past or future or has been co-opted by transitory emotion. I come into True Self (for want of a more apt descriptor), I am still aware of “Other Self”, just like if I was driving a car whilst thinking of something else. But I remain in this sacred place, this sacred time. And I have come to believe it is always present and therefore always available- it is the “beingness” in which I am meant to reside. To avail myself of it is always is a matter of being more still, more quiet and gently detaching from each thought as I become aware I am having it. It is a vast aquifer always under my feet; when I thirst, I need but dig for it.

This would not be the only way into The World of the Spirit I am sure, but it is a way, at least for me.
Grateful for the Gift