Doing The Right Things

A Big THANK YOU to those who are contributing to This24 in reflection, And in comments. It’s a WE program-and a WE site, LOL.

Doing the right thing does not always occur to me first – but I can “restart” my day. I can “back up” and respond in a more positive manner. Working Step Ten also gives me pause for thought, and sometimes a “to do list” to start my day off, tomorrow. Maybe I need to call a friend and ask about how they are doing. Or maybe I need to make amends for something I said, something I did, something I thought I did – whatever. Most of the time when I make an amends I find out that my feelings of being wrong were far stronger than what the other person felt. But I work to remain willing to make amends – regardless of the circumstances. I have to give God credit for much of my improvement, but I also need to acknowledge my own participation in my improved behavior. Alcoholics Anonymous is a “we” program – that’s God, me, and all the other members both in and out of the Program.


4 thoughts on “Doing The Right Things

  1. Step 10 says, “when we were wrong,” not if. It recognizes that I am human and will continue to make mistakes that I need to make amends for. It also says “promptly.” I no longer let issues fester but deal with them right away.

  2. We must continually take inventory, and check our liabilities and our credits. This is the only way we can see where improvement is needed, and improvement points the way to our only method of growth in this new spiritual life. We keep at it until this self-searching becomes a way of life with us.

    By the time it has become a habit pattern, it is hoped that we are always ready to accept what we find, admit our errors and be ready and willing to persistently try to correct what is wrong.

  3. Andrew S. said it a lot of times; “Continued”
    Andy F. His pigeon says it to lots of us; “Continued”
    Harry S. says it to lots of us; “Continued”.

    Grapevine Quote

    September 9
    “When I’m willing to pay the price for top-shelf sobriety, ‘action’ is still the magic word.”
    Craig, Colo., January 1997
    “Paying the Price for Improvement”
    Emotional Sobriety II

    PS thank you Bill and Soto.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Am I saying/creating the problems or adding to an existing problem?
    Do I see, feel, smell, and hear my name written all over it?
    If I’m not making daily amends, then I’m not working a design for successful living. Action is the spiritual nugget key. It takes action to resolve/solve action items. Just knowing doesn’t change a darn toot’n thing. Acceptance is the starting line for action. The bottom line is that resolving action items/issues with others is paramount to keystone recovery. Shouldering around a heavy load/burden of regret, guilt, and shame will lead me right back out the door of serenity.
    Moreover, beating myself up for not taking action. – We are not the bedrock of mental health.

    As old sarge of Hills Street Blues said, “Hey lets be careful out there.”

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