A Big THANK YOU to those who are contributing to This24 in reflection, And in comments. It’s a WE program-and a WE site, LOL.

Doing the right thing does not always occur to me first – but I can “restart” my day. I can “back up” and respond in a more positive manner. Working Step Ten also gives me pause for thought, and sometimes a “to do list” to start my day off, tomorrow. Maybe I need to call a friend and ask about how they are doing. Or maybe I need to make amends for something I said, something I did, something I thought I did – whatever. Most of the time when I make an amends I find out that my feelings of being wrong were far stronger than what the other person felt. But I work to remain willing to make amends – regardless of the circumstances. I have to give God credit for much of my improvement, but I also need to acknowledge my own participation in my improved behavior. Alcoholics Anonymous is a “we” program – that’s God, me, and all the other members both in and out of the Program.